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Client feedback


"Thank you so much for this wonderful gift that you afforded me. You were a gem straight from the Universe. Just what I needed, when I needed it. I am so grateful for all of your valuable time, your wonderful encouragement, your amazing insights, your endless patience, and the lovely bond that I have felt with you. I feel empowered by the process that we shared. I feel so much more focused on what it is I want from my life, rather than just swanning along from one thing to another sporadically. You've opened my eyes as to how to work within the boundaries that are set by my life circumstances and not be frustrated by them, but to embrace opportunities within them and make the most of those moments."

—Melissa Dowling
Queensland, Australia


"SO glad to be working with you again this month. You are SO good at this. I think you are a genius in this field, truly. I rave about you all the time. I am thinking about all the huge changes I have made in my life thanks to you and wondering if I ever fully remembered to tell you how awesome and appreciated and loved you are and how much I admire your sharp insights and ability to gently motivate people. You are spookily brilliant at this, truly, and so, so appreciated!

—Laura H.


"I honestly can't thank you enough for having such a positive impact on me over the last year."

—Jodi Lebrun
Timmins, Ontario


"I so appreciate the thoughtfulness and fluidity with which you’ve followed the twists and turns of my self-exploration around the creative process. Thanks so much for all your guidance."

—Bea Hartman

"Working with Miranda has allowed me to quiet my mind, access my core values and creative spirit, and redirect vital energy towards the creation of a more authentic life. She is delicate and sure in her skill as she helps me shape each day to capture my greatest hopes for myself and my family. I have very high standards for myself and others; there are few people I know who possess the emotional intelligence, empathy, mastery of life design concepts, and fresh thinking that motivated me to engage her services and continue to earn my respect and admiration."

—Kate Larson
Burlington, VT


“By the time we finished our first meeting, perhaps for the first time in my life, my creative thoughts had been validated. Mind you, not pie-in-the-sky, ‘Gee, you’re great, quit your job and buy a lot of pens and a condo in the Keys,’ validation (although, as you know, I did quit my job. Should I have waited?). You provided me with wonderfully honest, pragmatic, and professional encouragement. I haven’t been the same since and it feels great!”

—Jon Teger
Milford, NH